Developing Teaching Material Based on Multiliteracies

In modern times people come into contact with multimodal texts that combine words, symbols, images, movement, charts, sounds and appear in a variety of social media with new forms of typography and digital technology. This requires new ways of approaching literacy in a multilingual and multicultural society. Multiliteracies propose specific teaching strategies to achieve these goals, through genre and text types from a wide range of multicultural sources and media. The present work includes teaching proposals for the teaching of the argumentation by means of original teaching materials, designed according to the principles of the Literacy Pedagogy and Multiliteracies in the form of teaching scenarios, while also taking into account the needs of children from different cultural backgrounds. The ultimate purpose of this teaching proposal is to develop students' social and critical literacy skills.

Multiliteracies, Critical Literacy, Social Literacy, Multimodal Texts, Argumentative Genre

2019 Special Focus: "Learning to Make a Social Difference"

Virtual Lightning Talk

  • Anna Fterniati
    • Associate Professor, Education Sciences and Social Work, University of Patras, Greece Greece