Integrating Social Responsibility into Management Curriculum

In the last two decades, there has been increasing dialogue about the responsibility of business organizations towards society. While business continues to be responsible for profitability, it has to demonstrate a concern for its net impact on society. Several questions follow: How can businesses be profitable while also demonstrating a concern for the well-being of society and the environment? Is there a tradeoff between the demands of profitability and societal wellbeing? Can addressing social problems make business more profitable? Managers must recognize that the long-term success of a business requires a healthy society and vice versa. They must learn to work effectively with different types of organizations, including the government, educational institutions, and civil society. They must learn to see business as an instrument of social good, not as an instrument of maximizing shareholder value at the expense of society. With this focus in mind, the Goa Institute of Management, Goa (India) started a compulsory course on Social Responsibility & Action in their curriculum. The course intended to help address these new expectations from managers. The experience of taking responsibility for others and reflecting on the experience are essential for inculcating responsible behaviour. Therefore, the course included (a) an action-component, where students learned through service to the community, and (b) a reflection component. The presentation will include the implementation process, students perspective and some challenges in the last few years.

Social Responsibility, CSR, Curriculum, Learning, Change, Management, India, Goa

2019 Special Focus: "Learning to Make a Social Difference"

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Dr. Divya Singhal
    • Associate Professor, Social Sensitivity and Action, GOA Institute of Management, India GOA, India
    • Dr. Divya Singhal is working as an¬†Associate Professor at Goa Institute of Management, Goa, India. She is currently leading the Centre for Social Sensitivity and Action at GIM. Her research interest lies in the area of development, gender, education, sustainability, social responsibility and quality etc.¬†