Assessing the Impact of the Systematic Design of Instruction Based on Secondary School Students English Language Learning Outcomes

The current study aimed at investigating the effect of the systematic design of instruction according to Dick and Carey model on English language skills of Bahraini secondary school. The study applied the developmental research method on a sample of (54) students from Hamad Town Secondary School from the third level, all students who were enrolled in (Eng 301) subject in the first semester of the academic year 2017/2018. The content of the English subject has been analyzed, designed and develop the learning material according to Dick and Carey Model. The study instruments included the following: achievement test for reading, writing and grammar skills, and satisfaction with learning questionnaire for assessing participants’ satisfaction with the learning experience. Data analysis revealed statistically significant differences at (α=0.05) between the achievement test; a pre-test and post-test in the mean score of experimental and control groups in the two main English language skills: Reading, writing and grammar. Students improved in academic reading and writing skills, and there were statistically significant differences in reading skill test (achievement). Based on the study findings, relevant recommendations were made and suggested studies were proposed.

Systematic Design of Instruction, Secondary School Students

Technologies in Learning

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Nawal Awachi
    • English Language Teacher, Ministry of Education, Bahrain Bahrain
    • My educational experience includes completed college degree which contributed greatly to my development of teaching and learning as an English teacher. I noticed that working as an English teacher require being updated to different learning styles and strategies and to use productive electronic tools that provide good environment to the students.
  • Alajab Ismail
    • Associate Professor, Department of Distance Learning, Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain Bahrain
  • Tayseer Al Khazali
    • Associate Professor in Instructional Design and Technology, Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain Bahrain