Encouraging Active Learning

This project focused on transforming both the physical and virtual learning spaces into learning environments that encourage students to engage in active learning. Changes to the physical classroom layout and implementation of a wiki were introduced to encourage collaborative, independent learning. This paper will reference the issues, problem-solving and innovation processes employed. Stakeholders and the goal of the project were identified (Rastogi, 2017): at the completion of this project, students in Group October 18 in the Diploma of Nursing will embrace active learning and become more independent learners. Constructivist, collaborative and active learning currently used in the teaching, appears to be in contrast with the student’s learning preferences. A brainstorming activity was completed with the students, asking them to note their expectations of both a student and an educator. The survey resulted in incongruent expectations between students and an educator. Students were consulted on proposed changes to previous teaching strategies: room layout, use of wikis and the proposed learning activities. Data collection included attendance records, observation, wiki participation, class discussion, and anonymous feedback. At the end of this project a significant increase in the engagement of these students was noted, although it was difficult to measure (Fuller et al., 2018). Does an increase in engagement translate to these students ‘embracing’ active learning? Future projects will work on the setting of project goals to ensure that all criteria of the S.M.A.R.T framework are met to help focus and improve the chances of achieving project goals (Kashyap, 2018).

Adult Learners, Vocational Education, Active Learning, Critical Thinking, Communication

Adult, Community, and Professional Learning

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Jennifer Mather
    • Program Coordinator, Health, Torrens University
    • A nurse and midwife, I have taught in hospitals, higher education and vocational education. My current clinical expertise is in wound management and my educational passion is student engagement. My family wish I would retire!