Learning Elemental Ancient Greek

This was a graduation project designed and carried out for a postgraduate degree in Teaching, with an emphasis in Classical Philology. It consisted in the design and application of a series of workshops for the learning of elemental Ancient Greek, targeted at an adult population resident of Costa Rica's Great Metropolitan Area, in a non-formal educational environment, and composed of pedagogical elements distinct from the traditional grammatical or translation-based method. As such, this series of workshops was articulated around three theoretical axes: the concept of "workshop" as an educational strategy, principles of Andragogy, and proposals from the Natural Approach. The workshops (15 in total) were delivered to 23 voluntary subjects, without any previous knowledge of Ancient Greek, during the second semester of 2018 at the premises of the National Library of Costa Rica. The results were overwhelmingly positive.

Ancient Greek, Grammatical Method, Natural Approach, Direct Method, Non-formal Education

Adult, Community, and Professional Learning

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