Must STEM Instructors Motivate?

It is a commonly held belief that students will not master the tenets of STEM disciplines unless they put forth the effort to and develop the conceptual ideas presented in the classroom. In this discussion forum participants are invited to share successes and failures in their attempt to motivate, inspire, urge, coerce, cajole and/or demand their students extend the energy necessary to learn. The experience of the moderator has been in secondary and college level Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science but the discussion is open to all levels of STEM education.

Science, Mathematics, Pedagogy

Science, Mathematics and Technology Learning

Focused Discussion

  • Ralph Kemphaus
    • Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, University of Cincinnati, United States Ohio, United States
    • I began teaching mathematics as a Peace Corps Volunteer in The Philippines in 1965. Upon return, I completed my MAT in Mathematics at Indiana University and then began a 37 year career as a secondary teacher. While mathematics was my emphasis, I was certified and taught Physics, Computer Science and History. For the past eleven years I have been on the faculty of the University of Cincinnati. I have served three colleges during these eleven years. During this time I have had time to reflect and discuss mathematics education from a much broader perspective than I could during my years as a high school teacher. I have presented and led focused discussions at many conferences throughout the United States. In 2008 I was part of a presentation team at the ICME conference in Monterrey, Mexico. If I am given the opportunity I think that my extensive background and experience could bring some new thoughts to your July conference.