Coming to America for International Students

International students are prone to experiencing cultural, social and academic barriers when coming to learn at American universities. This paper presentation will analyze the impact of language barriers, discrimination, and interpretation patterns international students experience when learning in the United States. Participants will understand why culturally diverse students have difficult interactions when communicating with new peers, college administration and university professors. Participants will evaluate evidence on effective teaching strategies to break the silence in classrooms for international students. The paper presentation will interpret cooperative learning and teacher guided instruction, which demonstrates how support from students and professors establishes academically successful international students.

International Students, Cultural Awareness, Active Teaching Strategies, Silence in the Classroom, Cooperative Learning, Teacher Guided Instruction

Learner Diversity and Identities

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Vanessa Smith
    • Character Trainer, Entertainment, Walt Disney World
    • I am currently a graduate student at the University of Central Florida. I am graduating this coming May with a Master's in Applied Learning and Instruction. My projects from my Master's have focused on international students learning in american classrooms. I currently work for the Walt Disney Company and train people from all over the world. My focus is on how to make student's learning experience better.