Emotions in the Classroom

This workshop introduces an evidence-based and time and cost-efficient tool designed to help reduce stress and self-regulate emotions that can have a negative impact on both student learning and teacher performance. Participants will learn to apply a technique used to reduce work-related stress and how to introduce the technique to students to help self-manage test anxiety and other academic stressors. As a result of attending this workshop, participants will gain a better understanding of how to neutralize negative emotions and responses that hijack the brain’s ability to focus and concentrate and be empowered to self-manage the daily stress triggers that have a negative impact on performance. Participants will leave the workshop with strategies and resources to support using this technique for personal and classroom use. I will introduce the body’s response to stress triggers and how pre-conditioned responses can be neutralized. Presenter will share research on the effects of academic stress. Participants will learn about the origins of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and uses for EFT in academic settings. Presenter will demonstrate the technique and participants will apply EFT on a personal stressor and track results in real time. Participants will share their experience with a partner. Participants will break out in groups and discuss their thoughts and questions about introducing EFT in their school communities. Conclusion and Discussion: Presenter will share personal experiences using EFT with staff and students. Presenter will provide resources to support implementing the technique in the classroom.

Stress, Students, Teachers

Pedagogy and Curriculum

Workshop Presentation

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