Pop-up Pedagogy

In this paper, I will argue that feminist street art creates opportunities for informal learning in public spaces and encourages dialogue on social justice issues in communities, both online and in real life. This research stems from data collected from various sources: interviews with feminist street artists, social media feeds, photographs I have taken, online articles, documentaries, and my own personal journal entries. My research explores how conversations, sparked by feminist street art, supports collective knowledge-building while allowing individuals opportunities to shape their communities by having their voices heard. In addition, I will also look at how positioning feminist street art as a multimodal literacy of resistance may offer an alternative method for those who have low literacy and are marginalized to participate in community and global conversations.

Informal Education, Feminist Street Art, Communities, Multimodal Literacy

2019 Special Focus: "Learning to Make a Social Difference"

Virtual Lightning Talk

  • Dr. Anna Augusto Rodrigues
    • Contract Instructor, Child and Youth Studies Program, Trent University, Canada Ontario, Canada
    • I have a PhD in Education from York University. I am currently a contract instructor at Trent University.