Implementing and Sustaining Female Gender Based Empowerment Programs in New York City Public Schools

Women compromise about half of the world’s population yet are disempowered in a multitude of ways across the globe. There is an urgency and need to actively empower our young girls, who compromise about half of the student population in New York City public schools.This research looked to learn from both school leaders and teacher leaders who are currently implementing a female gender based empowerment in their schools. These administrators and teacher leaders shared their perceptions, actions, beliefs and values of such programs. Some of the themes that emerged were a consistent value by all participants that empowering young females is important and that schools established a systems approach geared towards inclusivity and safety for both cisgender and transgender participating girls. Systems were also created by school leaders to ensure the success of the program. Teaching and learning was occurring in all the participating ii schools in a variety of ways such as direct curriculum from outside organization, or through lessons planned based on the current events that were occurring at the moment. The need for professional development was also apparent. There was an observed growth, as perceived by the participants, among both adults and students. The findings in this research have the potential to inform and help school leaders and teacher leaders who wish to begin such a program in their own school. An examination of empowerment programs would be beneficial for educators, women’s rights advocates and policy makers at the local, state, national and international level.

Empowerment, Female Gender-based, School Setting

Educational Organization and Leadership

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Tyiba Rashid
    • Senior Educational Research, Teaching and Learning , New York City Department of Education , United States United States