Assessment and Evaluation of the Competency Based Curriculum in Kenya

Kenya is in the process of implementing a new curriculum, Competency based curriculum (CBC). A recent evaluation of the curriculum by an external evaluator reported several successes as well as challenges. Some of the successes reported include: CBC is necessary in Kenya and has the potential of improving the previous curriculum, the curriculum promotes creativity and innovativeness, the curriculum is less taxing to teaches and more engaging to learners, and, the curriculum is focused on talents and not examinations. Challenges include and not limited to: It is an expensive curriculum to implement, Teachers are not adequately trained to implement, and, teachers are not adequately prepared on how to prepare rubrics and portfolios for assessing learners. The new curriculum requires careful examination of the processes involved and identifying any challenges that would interfere with effective implementation. This paper elaborates on the successes as well as challenges in the implementation of CBC in Kenya and proposes measures to mitigate challenges for effective implementation. References KICD, 2018. Kenya institute of curriculum development competence based curriculum for early years’ education phase one pilot reports. NEECBC, 2018. National external evaluation of competency based curriculum report.

Competency Based Curriculum, Assessment, Evaluation

Assessment and Evaluation

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Grace Orado
    • Coordinator Research and Development, CEMASTEA, Kenya Kenya
  • Beatrice Macharia
    • Ministry of Education, Kenya Kenya
    • I am a Kenyan in her mid 50s, a teacher trainer and a researcher.