Do Modes of Delivery Influence Post-graduate Accounting Students’ Performances?

This study offers a distinctive contribution by studying students’ academic performance in a post-graduate accounting course offered in face-to-face and online modes with and without instructor consistency as well by examining the moderating effects of gender. We analysed the dynamics of relationship between mode of delivery and student performance along with moderating effects of other key factors in an Australian University. The study indicated a significant positive relationship between face-to-face mode of delivery and student performance suggesting that students attending face-to-face modes of delivery perform better than online students. Our findings also reveal that instructor consistency was a significant factor in explaining student performance. However, instructor consistency became an insignificant explanatory factor with the moderating effects of age and gender. Implications for theory and educational practice are briefly discussed.

Learning, Education, Post-graduate

Learning in Higher Education

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  • Dr Asit Bhattacharyya
    • Australia NSW, Australia
    • Asit Bhattacharyya is an academic at the University of Newcastle. He joined the University of Newcastle in 2008. Asit previously taught at the Monash University (Singapore) and University of New England for over nine years. His main research interest areas are (i) Corporate social and environmental reporting and accountability, (ii) Accounting education. Asit is the author or co-author of more than 32 publications including books chapters, articles, and conference papers. He has published in various international journal including “Journal of Environmental Planning and Management’ and “Social Responsibility Journal. He has been the principal or co-investigator on more than 7 funded projects in Australia. He has severed on editorial boards of journals. Asit earned his doctorate in corporate social and environmental accountability from Macquarie University, Australia. His teaching expertise is in Financial Accounting, Cost and Management Accounting and Financial Management.