Multi-Touch iTextbook for an Animation Foundation Course in Higher Education

According to a 2018 study on traditional textbook industry-- Total value of the industry is $7-10 billion; Since 2006, textbook costs increased 4 times faster than inflation; 30% of post-secondary students use financial aid money to buy textbooks, and the average cost textbooks per student per year is $1,168. iTextbook is a digital publication of scholarly work in the iBook format, which could be used within an iPad- and iTunesU-enabled curriculum. It contains rich elements and widgets to enhance the learning experience, such as interactive image, scrolling side bar, pop-over image, timelines, quizzes and vocabulary puzzles, before & after image, multimedia and image galleries, video & intro media, and infographics, etc. iTextbook can be distributed to course-registered students freely, dramatically relieving students with any financial burden and preparing them to be successful in our evolving digital world. Animation foundation course has been listed in many associate, under/graduate degrees’ curricula in art, media, communication, or film. A faculty-authored iTextbook is specifically for college students, so the content and tone are tailored for their community, rather than the general public.

Higher Education, Animation

Technologies in Learning

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Jing Zhang
    • Professor, UT Rio Grand Valley
    • Dr J. Zhang is an Asst Professor of UT Rio Grande Valley, she earned her PhD degree from City Univeristy of Hong Kong.