Student Scores in the National Examination as Indicators of Teacher Success

For final year students of secondary schools, every year the Indonesian government under the Ministry of Education holds an event called the national examination. This paper presents a research study to explore the washback effect of the national examination on the teachers in Indonesia. Washback means the influence of testing on the teaching and learning process. This study focuses on the teacher who is believed as the most influential person in guiding the students to pass the exam. Eight English teachers who taught final year students at eight junior secondary schools in Kabupaten Bandung were interviewed to explore their perception towards the national examination and its washback effect. The study showed that the pressure of having students to be successful in the national examination was not only from external pressure like the school principal, the parents and the students but also from the teachers’ internal pressure as self-esteem.

Washback, Teacher, High-stakes Test

Assessment and Evaluation

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