This demonstration of story-telling was developed in under-served populations (Inner City Schools) to create relevancy and interest in the lesson and material presented. This multi-mode approach, you will bring your lesson alive, creating memorable moments. Using visual, auditory, emotional and aesthetic anchors during the story will allow you to create moments that can be easily recalled by students for even the most challenging material. This is a fun, interactive workshop that is designed to help teachers address disengaged or disinterested students.

Differentiated Instruction, Story-telling, At-Risk, Student Engagement, Student Motivation, Learning Anchors

Pedagogy and Curriculum

Innovation Showcase

  • Eric Andrew Combs Eric Combs
    • Developer, Curiculum, Center for Teacher Effectiveness
    • Eric Combs is retired from the U.S. Air Force where he served as Security Forces Superintendent and special tactics instructor. Upon retiring, Combs completed the Troops to Teachers program for his Young Adult 7-12 Social Studies License. He has taught World History, Economics, Ancient History and government and worked as a team member for Team Delta, a ‘School within a School’ program for at-risk 9th graders. He is currently a consultant and Program Developer and National Trainer for the Time to Teach Program at the Center for Teacher Effectiveness. In 2006 Eric was selected as the Ohio Teacher of the Year and a finalist for the 2013 Assistant Principal of the Year for Ohio. He is an active member of the National State Teachers of the Year organization.