Lecturers' Perceptions of Their Knowledge and Skills in the Construction of Suitable Test Items

Since the inception, testing is an integral part of the educational system. The National policy on Education (2004) emphasises the importance of continuous assessment by stating that "educational assessment and evaluation will be liberalised by basing them in whole or in part on continuous assessment of the progress of the individual learner." This implies that lecturers should assess both the entry and terminal behaviour of the learners in the course of being taught, as this will reveal the progress made by the individual learner during the course. The continuous assessment system which is currently in use in Nigerian schools requires valid and reliable test instruments to make the exercise worthwhile. Therefore, this study seeks to find out the lecturers' perception of their own skills in test construction and the suitability of test items.

Assessment, Continuous, Test, Policy, Construction

Assessment and Evaluation

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Mosunmola Amusan
    • Principal Lecturer, General Studies, Federal College of Education
    • I hold a Bachelor honours degree in Chemistry from University of Lagos, Nigeria, Masters and PhD in Educational Evaluation from University of  Ibadan, Nigeria. I teach Science courses in the Federal College of Education, Abeokuta, Nigeria,  an institution which prepares student-teachers for the field of teaching.