He(art) and Soul and Science of Social Work Education

Social work education is about the development of new social workers proficient in instigating personal and social transformation. This paper offers an opportunity for educators to learn about emergent pedagogical approaches and discoveries about teaching/learning that result in the development of fundamental skills for more effectively engaging others in change processes. By integrating recent scientific discoveries from neurobiology about how the brain learns and organizes knowledge, as well as highlighting affective and relation-based essentials of teaching/learning, the he(art) and science of contemporary social work education are revitalized. These discoveries are particularly relevant as educators encounter a new kind of learner in both the traditional classroom and in online settings who are more oriented to digital and media access of information.

Transformational Learning, Neurobiology

2019 Special Focus: "Learning to Make a Social Difference"

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Mark Smith
    • Associate Professor, Social Work, Barry University
  • Sarah Lewis
    • Associate Professor, Barry University, United States United States