Epistemological, Pedagogical and Disciplinary Conceptions of Chilean Primary School Mathematics Teachers

This work analyses the epistemological, pedagogical and disciplinary conceptions of primary school mathematics teachers. The theory of teacher conceptions is used as a basis. It is a qualitative study, using an ex post facto interpretative-comprehensive design. Individual interviews and a focus group were held with eight teachers from the cities of Concepción, Temuco, and Santiago. The analysis was based on Grounded Theory and included information triangulation. The results reveal that the epistemological, disciplinary and pedagogical conceptions of mathematics are central to meeting the teachers' expectations about their specialization and that disciplinary autonomy and the teaching and evaluative aspects are relevant to the teaching conceptions of how to transfer the learned subject matter to the classroom.

In-Service Teacher Training, Teaching Conceptions, Mathematics Specialisation

Pedagogy and Curriculum

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Anmarie Beyer
    • Associate Researcher, Universidad de Chile, Chile Chile
  • Edith Pinto
    • Associate Researcher, Universidad de Chile, Chile Chile
  • Yenny Assael
    • Co-Investigator, Universidad de Chile, Chile Chile
  • Sebastian Molina
    • Graduate Student, Education Department, Universidad de Chile, Chile Chile