Collage and Mathematical Creativity in Early Years’ Learners

Learning Mathematics has been encumbered with a lot of challenges over the years in Nigeria. Many learners have been misinformed about the concepts and nature of mathematics. This has led to learners’ dislike and phobia for mathematics which now has a ripple effect on mathematical creativity. Can Collage–making (a creativity-oriented and activity-directed art form in the Visual Arts) promote mathematical creativity in learners? Thus, this study seeks to demonstrate how the integration of Collage into mathematics learning can foster mathematical creativity in the early years. The theoretical framework was based on the constructivist’s approach to learning. The study sought to identify the existence of any connection between Collage making and mathematical creativity. Purposive sample technique was utilized in the study since the age range (4-6 years) has been identified as the peak of creative functioning in children, (Fox and Schirrmacher 2012). The contents and materials of Collage-making were integrated into the teaching of some topics in Mathematics. Being a mixed-mode study, data were collected using the creativity assessment tool (CAT) a ready-made instrument (Lucas 2014, 2016), participant observation, and video graphics. Quantitative data analysis using Mann-Whitney U test reflected a fostering of learners’ creativity in mathematics with a high effect of 0.83 using Cohen (1988) criteria, while the qualitative approach revealed a cognitive transfer from collage-making into mathematics thus aiding creativity. With further evidence in literature, the study ascertains a strong correlation between Collage and learners’ creativity in early years’ mathematics. This can better inform teaching and curriculum planning.

Collage Making, Early Years, Math

Early Childhood Learning

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Olusola Ariba
    • Student, Childhood Education, University of Johannesburg, South Africa South Africa
    • I am presently a Phd student in the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. . My research interest is centered around integrating the arts into mathematics to nuture and foster mathematical creativity in early years
  • Prof. Kakoma Luneta
    • Senior Lecturer, Childhood Education, University of Johannesburg, South Africa South Africa
    • I am the head of the Department of Childhood Education and a senior lecturer in mathematics education. I teach foundation phase mathematics courses and research methods in mathematics education at undergraduate and honor. I supervise masters and doctoral students. My areas of interest are on research in mathematics teaching, instructional approaches that enhance effective teaching of mathematics at elementery level as well as mathematics teacher training and mentorship.