Smartphones in the Classroom as an Auxiliary Tool in the Learning of Experimental Physics

Currently Smartfones are a multi-purpose instrument with a plethora of applications that are used in various work fields. It is already a popular portable device that is present in all economic classes. Smartphones are pocket-sized computers, and have a huge variety of functions. These can replace equipment, or, replace the use of didactic laboratories. The cell phone is an attractive and thought-provoking element for high school students, and can be used to conduct experiments and demonstrations of phenomena. I present a diversity of applications allied to applications in low cost home experiments. The main objective is to make future teaching professionals use these applications in their classes in order to make physics more investigative. Consequently, this will make the student use this device in their daily life, making it possible to combine theory and practice

Smartphones, Instrumentation, Low Cost, Experimental Physics

Science, Mathematics and Technology Learning

Poster/Exhibit Session