Hindu Cultural Instruction in Teaching Telugu to American Foreign Service Officers

Authentic Audio Visual Photo Book prepared by the presenter will be the basis for balanced time-on-task activities for 45 minutes of simulation. Participants will listen to an audio of ten sentences in Telugu about Yugadi a few times, while mentally reading transliterations, and looking at authentic images from the Photo Book projected in the classroom. Participants will be asked to volunteer to read transliterations aloud, while others follow through mentally by looking at images or meaning in English. Those who want are encouraged to try out writing the script. Participants will explicitly focus on the vocabulary, pronunciation, interrogatives, discourse markers, connectors, verbs involved in the ten sentences with the help of the presenter. They will be asked to make educated guesses of the above.

Hindu Teachings, Religion, Culture Simulation, Intercultural Communicative Competence

Learner Diversity and Identities

Focused Discussion

  • Kavita Krishna Meegama
    • Masters Student, GSEHD, IEP, The George Washington University, United States United States
    • I am a Masters Student at The George Washington University, Washington D.C in the Graduate School of Education and Human Development, International Educarion Program.