Improving the Quality of Preschool Education in Arab Society in Israel

For the past 3 years, MJB has been evaluating the program of Improving the Quality of Preschool (ages 3-6) Education in Arab Society in Israel, as part of a 5-year formative evaluation. The Ministry of Education Preschool Division, JDC-Ashalim, and the Bernard Van Leer Foundation have joined together to develop the program. The program emphasizes the importance of the educational environment and the interaction of professionals, parents and children as key factors in promoting children's learning and development, and aims to implement improved work practices for preschool education at the local, regional and national levels. The paper will include a description of the use of the 'Classroom Assessment Scoring System' (CLASS), an observation tool both for evaluation and the professional development of regional supervisors and pedagogical instructors. The latter received training in the organization of the educational environment, and instructional support (according to CLASS). The CLASS observations for the evaluation were carried out in preschools in the program and in comparison localities. Training in similar topics was also provided to preschool teachers.

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  • Fida Nijim Ektelat
    • Researcher, Children and Youth Department, Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute, Israel Israel