Staging STEAM

The current trend of “devised theatre” and its earlier predecessor creative dramatics share a common aesthetic: in eschewing fixed/normative solutions, each ponders how a group of participants might navigate and, subsequently, reflect upon entirely theoretical realms of being. That is, each poses hypothetical and sometimes radical experiments in the notion of possibility. Most importantly, each in its own way scratches out these proposals on the theatrical chalkboard, test-drives them and then, gloriously, erases the discoveries for the next experiment. This paper, drawing upon recent studies in neuropsychology and comparative neuroscience, proposes a connection between the theatrical “devising brain” and the cognitive process of the scientific method. Moreover, the work examines STEAM pedagogy and suggests not methodologies but rather invaluable neuro-evidence for why cross-disciplinary education plants the seeds for human creativity.

STEAM, Theatre, Pedagogy

Science, Mathematics and Technology Learning

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Philip Valle
    • Lecturer, Theatre, Cal Poly State University, United States United States