Developing Hands-On Learning Experiences of University Undergraduates in Nigeria

The main thrust of this paper is to highlight how from the planners’ perspective, the hands-on learning experiences of Nigeria university undergraduates can be developed. This is against the backdrop of a seeming increasing societal discontent about the obvious inability of these undergraduates to, on graduation be seen to impart positively their immediate and remote society (the family and community). Do the learning experiences acquired from Nigeria university education enable the graduates to make a social difference? The answer calls for a paradigm shift from making learning activities too theoretical to becoming more practical. Therefore developing the hands-on learning experiences of these undergraduates is expedient. In this paper, hands-on activities have to do with the skills and or the knowledge that the undergraduates gain from practical learning activities rather than just reading. Lasting learning impression is made when these undergraduates use both their hands and brain in an activity mere listening to all-theoretical lectures; after some weeks, they will regurgitate what was “taught” through continuous assessments and examinations. Hands-on skill development involves a combination of both the intellectual and the experiential sides of learning including a holistic learning experience that can help the learner to impart the society positively. This paper discusses largely ways that Nigeria university education learning activities can be planned to ensure that the hands-on learning experiences are developed by domesticating the learning activities and making practical all courses taught in various departments and faculties. In conclusion, hands-on learning activities will make learning very realistic and exciting.

Hands-on Learning, Nigeria Undergraduates, Planners’ Perspective

2019 Special Focus: "Learning to Make a Social Difference"

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Adanma Ngozi Ohia
    • Senior Lecturer, Educational Management, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria Nigeria