Indigenizing and Decolonizing Study Abroad in Higher Education

This contribution to the scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education emerged from the University of Saskatchewan, where indigenization and internationalization are leading institutional priorities. Rather than nested oppositions, here we consider possibilities for greater collaboration between these disciplinary and programmatic imperatives for mutual benefit. We explore the capacity of Study Abroad course design to synthesize Indigenous and Western pedagogies and methodologies to conceive innovative curriculum consistent with the negotiation of epistemological third spaces. In this presentation we document learning outcomes and assessment considerations that informed our efforts to bring decolonizing strategies to the design of a Study Abroad course. We also present a first iteration of a culturally respectful assessment framework based on an Indigenous Medicine Wheel model to evaluate student learning in Study Abroad within Higher Education.

Internationalization, Indigenization, Decolonizing Curriculum, Study Abroad

Learning in Higher Education

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Dr. Michael Cottrell
    • Associate Professor, Educational Administration, University of Saskatchewan, Canada Canada
    • Michael Cottrell is Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Administration at the University of Saskatchewan. Teaching areas include the History of Canada, Indigenous Education and International and Comparative Education. Research intersests include Native-Newcomer Relations in Canada, Indigenous Education, History of Education, History of the Irish Diaspora.