Anti-Bias Vision through the Practioner Lens

The Twenty-first Century demands social emotional skills that go beyond relationship building; to critically engage and understand our Identity. This presentation will include an overview of the Anti-Bias historical perspective and roots grounded in the work of dedicated early childhood teachers from Pacific Oaks College. The Anti-Bias curriculum is used in schools throughout the United States. Participants will ponder questions, and strategies to use in their ECE settings and work. The discussion focus and deepen the understanding of the importance of Anti-Bias Curriculum as a practice in making children’s lives better and transforming the practioner’ s self-reflective work and understanding of children’s lives in today’s complex world and society.

Anti-Bias, Social Justice,Transformative, Self-Reflection, Prejudice, Discriminatory, Actions, Empowerment, Strategies

Early Childhood Learning

Focused Discussion

  • Yolanda Carlos
    • Core Faculty, School of Education, Pacific Oaks College, United States Californai, United States
    • Professor Carlos is passionate and dedicated to the Early Childhood Education Profession and has served in a variety of settings with children, families and communities. She believes it is important to be open to a variety of cultural perspectives and make decisions that are based on reasearch, and to make sure that the diversity of the community is represented.