The Ideal L2 Self System for Study Abroad Students of Spanish

The present study involves information from participants who are studying abroad in Seville, Spain for either a semester. The purpose of the study is to gather qualitative data and look at how factors such as motivation, social networks and learners’ identities impact their language acquisition of Spanish during study abroad context of a semester or a day.The information was be analyzed using a qualitative data analysis program called NVivo to look for themes that emerge from the data. The themes surrounding social networks, motivation, and identity were then analyzed to see how these individual differences may impact the acquisition of Spanish in a study abroad context. Results from this study better inform researchers, instructors of Spanish, and study abroad coordinators on how individual differences interact with second language acquisition in a study abroad context.

Spanish, Second Language Acquisition

Learning in Higher Education

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Mackenzie Coulter Kern
    • Ph.D. student, Graduate Department of Hispanic Linguistics, Indiana University, United States United States