Black Males Answering the Call to Teach

Based on the school to prison pipeline that has garnered a great amount of attention in the past decade, many studies have underscored the need for Black male teacher presence in schools. However, not much beyond rhetoric has taken place to change educational policy or practices. While the student body in American K-12 education has become gradually diverse in gender, race, and ethnicity over the past thirty years, the same cannot be said of its teaching force. Non-reflective of its student body, the teaching profession is predominantly comprised of White/Caucasian females (by more than 80%). This study explored the disproportionality of Black male teachers in North Carolina Public Schools, focusing on why they joined, why they remained and what recruitment practices looked like at the colleges, universities and local education agencies. To explore further, the researcher interviewed local education agency (LEA) and college/university recruiters to gain insight into their recruitment strategies. Some of the emergent themes from this study included a deep-seeded desire to help youth, an unspoken burden to experienced by Black male teachers to serve in disciplinarian roles, an awareness that recruiters are not actively recruiting or attracting Black males to teach and a distinction between hiring and recruiting. This study added to the literature on how to improve Black male teacher recruitment by contributing to a better understanding of what attracted the Black male teachers to education, what factors motivated them to join and how they were recruited to the teaching profession.

Education, Policy, Diversity, Teacher, Recruitment, Attitudes, Student, Learning, Male, Representation

Learner Diversity and Identities

Focused Discussion

  • Dr. Shekina Moore
    • CEO & Trainer, B2F Girls, United States United States
    • Named among Atlanta's Power 25 and Atlanta's "Who's Who", Dr. Shekina Farr Moore is an Author, Gender Advocate, Master Certified Coach and FORBES Coaches Council Member. She runs EROOM Marketing Group, an empowerment parent company that spearheads a host of empowerment companies including Intercontinental Coaching Institute, Fierce Academy, Literacy Moguls Publishing Co., Black Reins Magazine, Formidable Woman Magazine, and her nonprofit, B2F Girls, a gender advocacy incubator. B2F Girls¬†company offers a comprehensive training, certification and accreditation program and produces advocacy initiatives, campaigns and events. Dr.¬†Moore received her Ed.D. (2016) in Educational Administration and Supervision from North Carolina State University. Her research focused on the perspectives of Black male teachers and the recruitment stategies employed by colleges, universities, and local education agencies. Dr. Moore has received may national awards for her work in social and gender advocacy including the Volunteer Service Award from President Barack Obama and a standing ovation and resolution from the Georgia House of Representatives. She has also been featured in many publications including FORBES, Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, Rolling Out, Connected Woman, SHEEN, Today's Purpose Woman, MizCEO, Millennial Mom, and more. Learn more about Dr. Moore at