Research on Blended Learning Mode of College English

The integration of information technology and curriculum does not mean that information technology is merely a tool that aids in teaching or learning. Instead, it emphasizes the use of information technology to create a new type of learning environment, and supports the teaching and learning methods that could realize situational creation, thinking inspiration, information acquisition, resource sharing, multiple interactions, independent inquiry, collaborative learning and other requirements. Therefore, this study defines the blended learning mode as the learning mode that integrates the advantages of traditional face-to-face teaching and learning and digital learning, and makes full use of micro-course resources (all micro-courses online and self-made micro-courses available) and WeChat platform and other learning resources. In this study, a blended learning mode of college English listening and speaking is established, with a popular social media software in China--WeChat as the main mobile auxiliary learning carrier. This mode is testified to be applicable to science and engineering colleges and universities and could realize the effective formal learning and informal learning, systematic learning and fragmented learning, autonomous learning and collaborative learning, based on the combination of traditional classroom learning and WeChat-based mobile learning.

Blended Learning Mode, College English

Learning in Higher Education

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Wei Cui
    • Department Deputy Director, The School of Foreign Languages, Changsha University of Science and Technology, China China