Coping Strategies for Test Anxiety and Academic Performance of Undergraduate Distance Learning Students

The study aimed at assessing the association of test anxiety and academic performance with study skills, coping strategies (mechanism) self-concept, self-esteem, psychological distress and social support among undergraduate distance learners of the National Open University of Nigeria. A series of validated measures were administered on 440 distance learning students in 5 study centres of the university, comprising of 305 females and 135 males. Social support was found to be a protective cover for test anxiety. Better study skills, self-concept, psychological distress were indicative of higher test anxiety, and with higher level of students’ success. Higher level of self-esteem was also associated with higher students’ success. The implications of the results were also discussed.

Test Anxiety, Self Esteem, Self Concept, Coping Strategies, Academic Achievement

Assessment and Evaluation

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Clifford Amini
    • Associate Professor, RETRIDOL, National Open University of Nigeria, Nigeria Nigeria