Proposed Quality Assurance Strategies for School Development in the Unified Schools of the Archdiocese of Lipa

Quality Assurance for school development is a process of monitoring, assessing, evaluating and reporting objectively based on agreed quality standards, all aspects of school life to ensure that acceptable standards are attained, maintained and improved upon continually. This study delved on the quality assurance practices in the Unified Schools of the Archdiocese of Lipa (USAL), Province of Batangas. It aimed at assessing the schools’ performance on trust and shared accountability; opportunities to support innovation in schools; shared understanding and dialogue among stakeholders; network to support development; and developing a balanced view of school development. To achieve the fundamental purpose of this research, the descriptive method was utilized. The study made use of 10 schools with 100 respondents. One of the reasons for the slow development of and resistance to QA in school is that academics are, of course, trained to ask questions, to be skeptical, if not challenging. More and more, despite the reluctance of academics to accept the fact, students are becoming customers and will be looking for "value for money." In this context of international competition, quality assurance may well prove to be much more ‘market orientated’. Quality Assurance processes and practices are dynamic and provide the needed guidance and support to schools for consistent improvement in learning outcomes. In this study, therefore, it is more important for an organization to be thinking actively and creatively about what it is trying to achieve, than to put its energy into complying with the standards of an external body.

Quality Assurance, Shared Accountability, Innovation, Network, Shared Understanding

Educational Organization and Leadership

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  • Randy Baja
    • Vice President for Academics, Unified, Unified Schools of the Archdiocese of Lipa, Philippines Batangas, Philippines
    • I am Dr. Randy M. Baja, Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management. I am a former Dean of the Graduate School and now a Graduate School Professor at the University of Batangas and Batangas State University. I am a research and management professor. I am also Dean of Sta. Teresa College, Bauan Batangas and Integrated School Principal of one of our sister schools, St. Mary's Educational Institute, Lemery Batangas. I have been in the academe for 27 years.