Critical Factors for Students Extreme Top or Low-grade Achiever

The academic position has a core importance because it directly decides the positive outcomes of the students after completion of the study. In this article, we focus only on the extreme top and low-grade achiever students. The main objective is to explore the nature and extent of the domestic environment, the attitude of the student in the class, class teacher contribution, students’ attention in class, extracurricular activities and motivation on the top and low-grade students. A self-structured questionnaire is used to collect the data of sample size 400 from middle and high school students. This data was collected from the District Gujrat, Pakistan. Appropriateness of the variables in each factor is confirmed by confirmatory factor analysis. To classify the top and low-grade students on the base of six mentioned factors statistically, the Artificial Neural Network analysis is used, as this is the best classification technique for such studies. The results of the artificial neural network indicated that the educated mother is the most important variable followed by class attitude, domestic environment Extra-curricular activities, teacher contribution, and motivation, respectively.

Learning, Achievement, Students

Learner Diversity and Identities

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  • Mirza Shahzad
    • Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, Uniersity of Gujrat, Pakistan Pakistan