Engaging Generation Z

Student engagement among the Post-Millennial college student has become a greater problem due to technology and instant gratification. Research shows that student engagement is linked to student learning, and therefore, it is essential that professors find improved techniques to reconnect with today’s student. Research of Generation Z is still in the infancy stage, as psychologists and sociologists seek to understand and connect with this demographic raised on the Internet. From the studies conducted, it is already apparent that the dissemination of information in the form of traditional lecture is not the most effective way of stimulating this generation. Because of Generation Z’s desire for instant gratification, the ability to be part of the process, and the constant distraction of technological convergence, new teaching practices are essential for teaching in the 21st Century college classroom.

Generation Z, Post-Millennial, Engaging, Distracted, Student Learning, Higher Education

Learning in Higher Education

Focused Discussion

  • Kimberlee Mendoza
    • Director of Instruction & Services, Adult & Professional Studies, San Diego Christian College, United States United States