Augmented Cultural Translation

Translation studies throughout time evolved and as a result, written and spoken translations have played a crucial role in interhuman global and mutual communication. In the light of the present Translation`s definition broadening, a new promising translation’s option is being born – an option that we chose to name Augmented Translation- and is focused on giving a fresh impetus on the world of Foreign Languages, Didactics and Traductology. In the context of the contemporary financial and migration crisis, interdisciplinarity of the Translation Studies’ field can be seen as a unique cultural gate between civilizations and languages, which keeps demanding new information to expand and evolve. As a result, interdisciplinarity challenges the existing conventional way of thinking by promoting and responding to new links between different types of knowledge and technologies. Indeed, the present focus on more cultural studies’ perspectives and even the recent shift towards areas such as computing, media and Augmented Reality is evident and logically consistent. As a consequence, a new age of discoveries is emerging from the increasing interaction and strategic linkages of the scientific fields of Translation Studies and Augmented Reality. In the context of the modern hybrid environment, a new experiential, interactive and active learning possibility is called on to resolve translation equivalence dilemmas, focusing on microstructure and offering a different didactic perspective on Cultural Translation. This first attempt to link the Translation World with Augmented Reality is thought to regenerate the related scientific fields.

Culture, Translation, Pedagogy

Technologies in Learning

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Georgia Tsimpida
    • -, -, Ionian University, Greece -, Greece
    • Georgia Tsimpida, Ionian University's Teaching and Administrative staff, has studied French Language and Literature at the Kapodistrian University of Athens(2004), Interpretation(2009) and Translation(2016) at the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpretation of the Ionian University(DFLTI, Corfu, Greece). She has two Master Degrees, the first one in Translation(DFLTI, Grade:9,58/10) and the second one in Didactics(Open Hellenic University, Grade:8/10). She is a graduating PHD student at the DFLTI in the field of Translated Children's and Youth Literature through the looking glass of New Technologies and Augmented Reality.