Investigative Learning from an Inclined Plane Experiment

This work is the result of a research, whose objective was to verify the efficiency of an investigative script applied to classes of Physics laboratory in terms of learning of some contents by the students, in relation to the traditional scripts. To this end, we submitted two classes from the first year of high school, from a public school in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the experiment on the inclined plane, considering for each class one type of script. From the comparison of the two classes it was possible to perceive that the investigative script it was not only more efficient, but it also provided greater involvement of the students in developing the activity and a change in the posture of each one, compared to the autonomy required for group work. To evaluate the students' learning, in addition to participation during class, each group produced a report with a discussion of the results and the respective conclusions.

Investigative Learning, Physics Laboratory, Inclined Plane Experiment

Science, Mathematics and Technology Learning

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Dr Michele Hidemi Ueno Guimaraes
    • I am holding a doctor degree in education. Actually, I am a teacher of physics and I work with psychonalysis applied to education as well as in the investigation activities for students in the didactic laboratories. I have been working in a private University and at the same time as a post-doctoral fellow at University of São Paulo. From January-2015 I will start a new post-doctoral appointment at the Établissement Public Spécialisé en Santé Mentale - EPS Ville-Evrard, Paris, France and at University of Lyon-2, Lyon, France.