Open Educational Resources in the Learning by Design Language Classroom

The paper describes the development and implementation of Open Educational Resources (OER) material grounded in the pedagogical framework of Learning by Design for the teaching of L2 Spanish to Intermediate-Mid college students in a public American university. The implementation of the newly-developed resources was investigated in a study that involved the participation of 75 students, and that examined the effects of the OER materials versus that of textbooks on the development of participants’ performance in the three modes of communication: Interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational. The presentation will discuss the effects of OER material versus that of textbooks in the participants’ performance. Also, we will focus on the importance of OER materials for L2 learning, and important issues that can affect their successful implementation. Recommendations for the development and implementation of open instructional resources will also be offered.

Learning-by-Design, Open Educational Resources, Second Language Instruction

Learning in Higher Education

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session