Graphomotor Skills of Preschool Children

Poster presents interim results of original research graphomotor skills of preschool children. N = 76 children participated in the research for this sub-study. Children's skills are compared in various graphic manifestations: spirals, loops, hitchs, kinks, couplings. The aim is to create a tool for assessment of children with graphomotoric difficulties and a high risk of dysgraphia.

Graphomotor Skills, Preschool Age, Screening, Risk of Dysgraphia

Assessment and Evaluation

Poster/Exhibit Session

  • Dr. Jana Havigerov√°
    • Researcher, Institute of Psychology, Masaryk University, Czech Republic Czech Republic
    • Researcher in the field of psychology and psycholinguistics.¬†Her research deals with the questions: how differently people perceive the implicit content of concepts of normality, giftedness, learning, family and how to encourage and develop the cognitive abilities in the school, and how to assess and improve graphomotor abilities.