Immigrants in Ireland

Immigration issues have become a controversial subject all across Europe in recent years and Ireland is no exception to that. Immigrants have become the target of many negative feelings among a certain section of the population. These feelings also affect children in the school settings and therefore, impact their learning directly or indirectly. The intent of this presentation is to provide educators with information, strategies, and resources to teach about immigrants and the immigration process in a positive manner.

Learner, Diversity, Multicultural Learning, Social and Cultural Diversities, Teacher Knowledge

Learner Diversity and Identities

Focused Discussion

  • Kazi Hossain Hossain
    • Millersville University of Pennsylvania, United States United States
    • Have been teaching for 22¬†years in higher education. Teach multicultural education courses as well as introduction to early childhood education. In addition, supervise students teachers in the field. Research interest are in the following areas: Teacher Education, Multicultural Education, Immigration, and Religious issues.Published articles on these issues.