Personal Development Modules Making a Social Difference to Learners and Their Clients

The Social Care lecturing staff at Limerick Institute of Technology have devised a personal development curriculum and pedagogy for Social Care learners for each year of their study. This integrated model can be traced back to elements of psychology, sociology and philosophy. The aim is that Social Care learners’ will enable adults and children in a range of social care settings who are sometimes marginalised and vulnerable to be empowered to recognise their own potential just as the social care learner recognised theirs during their engagement with the personal development modules. Personal Development is often a transformative process within the relationship dyad between lecturer and learner who co-create this pedagogical learning space. A person-centred methodology is at the heart of this teaching. Preliminary findings from a pilot study outline learners’ positive experiences with the module.

Personal Development, Vulnerability, Adults

2019 Special Focus: "Learning to Make a Social Difference"

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Geraldine Maughan
    • Lecturer/Researcher, Applied Social Sciences, Limerick Institute of Technology
    • Geraldine Maughan is a PhD candidate at Trinity College Dublin exploring the efficacy, relevance and effectiveness of Personal Development (PD) a module of the B.A in Social Care Work (SCW) programme at Limerick Institute of Technology Limerick where she lectures full time on the SCW programme. In addition, Geraldine is the founder and director of ASCEND research group and has been awarded 3 bursaries this year to examine violence in residential care, positive experiences for young people whilst in care and how to work with young people living in direct provision accomodation.