Perceptions of Higher Education Students

Universities today are responsible for the mental, physical and spiritual growth of the students managing to improve the social, cultural, economic and political life style of individuals. World over the universities are performing the key role in leading all kind of organizations and enhancing the economic growth. In Pakistan the role of private sector like other fields cannot be denied in education as well. The public sector could not fulfill the requirements of higher education. The twist of the century attracted the attention of the stakeholders of education marking the fact like; unqualified faculty, low enrollment, minimal relevance of higher education to national needs, lack of compatibility to international standards, low quality of research, and poor governance of universities. The organizations look forward for a change breaking the discontinuity through leadership, vision, empowerment, cooperation, meaning of life and commitment to it. There is a grave concern that universities are supposed to discharge the responsibilities of equipping the individuals enlightened with the meaning of life transforming their understanding of self towards this end. Study has been designed to achieve the objective of knowing the reflection of transformation in the university students. It would be a quantitative study, conducted through survey of the opinion of 1st year and pass outs of BS/ Master education program. Three public and three private universities were selected. Fifty new entrants and 50 pass outer were selected through random sampling to conduct the survey. The results of private sector were found encouraging as compare to public sector.

Transformation, Higher Education, Perceptions

Learning in Higher Education

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Malik Muhammad Wali Awan
    • M.Phil Scholar, University of Management & Technology, Pakistan Punjab, Pakistan
    • A Commonwealth Scholar, Educationist and an economist. I am particularly interested in the field of education. Related to the field of education since 2007. Have served as a Lecturer in higher education institutions in Lahore, Pakistan. Actively pursuing research in "Classroom Observations", "Multi-cultural Sensitivity", "Inclusive Education" and "Knowledge Communities"as an educationist. Papers presented and actively participated in local and international research conferences. 
  • Prof. Farah Naz
    • Assistant Professor, Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Management and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan
    • Dr. Farah Naz is an educationist with a vast experience of 30 years in the area of teaching, management and education quality assurance. She is Masters in Education Leadership & Management, MPhil in Educational Leadership and Management, and PhD in Education. Presently she is working as Assistant Professor in the University of Management & Technology. She has served in almost all the provinces on various appointments including Azad Jammu & Kashmir. She was in the pioneer team of first franchise project in education. She had been practicing quality assurance in various educational organizations and wrote quality manuals. Presently She is working as Asst. Professor in University of Management & Technology. She had been teaching as permanent visiting faculty at University of Education Punjab. She is author of various international publications. She has written a book on students' transformation in higher education.