Teaching Outside the Box

The purpose of this study was to examine how technology was used in a middle school math class. The teachers pedagogical decisions were examined to determine the function of technology and the role of technology to support, enhance and supplement student learning. The study examines the research questions: What planning decisions do teachers make to implement technology in the classroom? How is technology used by the teachers and students in the learning of mathematics? The results from this study found teaching with technology requires routines and procedures to support in developing technological skill before they can integrate technology with subject matter. Teachers technological content knowledge is paramount to the successful integration of technology. This discussion will explore pedagogical decisions that were made to infuse technology in a middle school math class. We discuss how technology was purposefully used in connection with Blooms taxonomy to support learners in acquiring math content knowledge and create products of learning with web-based tools.

Pedagogical Content Knowledge, TPACK, Math Content Knowledge, Technology Integration

Technologies in Learning

Focused Discussion