Engaging with Feedback

The National Student Survey (NSS) captures the thoughts of final year students on their courses and their experiences of university life. One of the lower scoring areas of the National Student Survey is Assessment and Feedback with complaints about feedback and a lack of guidance on how to achieve a higher grade. This research analyses student interaction with online feedback using eye tracking technology. It investigates how students read feedback, the order they read it and the time spent reading it. The research looks to optimising the location of the feedback and the technique used to deliver the feedback to maximise the impact for the student. Eye tracking is used to record how students interact with the inline comments, final comments, rubrics and overall grades with the aim of developing a more effective feedback strategy, empowering students to adopt suggestions and improve future submissions.

Assessment, Feedback, Gaze Analysis

Assessment and Evaluation

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Claire Moscrop
    • Senior Lecturer in Teaching & Learning Development, Edge Hill University, United Kingdom United Kingdom