Problem Solving is Contagious

The focus of this workshop is to explore characteristics of non-routine problems that present high cognitive demand yet include access points and support the reasoning strategies of all students across a range of mathematical abilities. The problems selected and strategies explored will provide opportunities for participants to make their thinking and reasoning evident through multiple representations and/or solutions. Participants will solve rich problems and will discuss the dynamics of what makes the problems work and what they may reveal about students' understanding. Oral communication, group interaction and collaboration, and individual contribution to the group work are emphasized. Strategies for establishing a classroom environment of perseverance and engagement will be discussed. You will find the problems contagious and will want to try them with your students.

Problem Solving, Non-routine, Perseverance, Support Students' Reasoning, Engagement

Science, Mathematics and Technology Learning

Workshop Presentation

  • Evgenia Tsankova
    • Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, Education, Roger Williams University
  • Madge Thombs
    • Professor of Technology Education, Roger Williams University, United States United States