The Inspire Project

The Inspire Project works as a catalyst amongst global experts to help empower primary and secondary school students via experiential learning. Through social and technological connectivity, the Project serves these students through collaborative initiatives that tackle local to global issues in order to secure a better future. As an example, students are currently working with environmentalists from Canada, Kenya, and the United States to form a large-scale cohesive movement reducing carbon footprints of schools around the world. Another illustration is students have developed an infectious disease response outbreak curriculum while incorporating scalable technology with the Sabeti Lab at Broad Institute. Lastly, students have worked with Character education specialists to create character education that provide a strong foundation for gender, racial, and cultural equality.

Empower, Experiential Learning, Technology, Collaboration

2019 Special Focus: "Learning to Make a Social Difference"

Focused Discussion

  • Todd Brown
    • Outreach Director, Social Studies, SMA Prep, United States United States
    • I am a Doctor of Higher Education, winner of the United States Congressional Teacher of the Year Award, Ignite Education Innovator of the Year, the Henry Ford Innovation Award for the United States, The Air Force Association STEM Teacher of the Year, an Education Ambassador for the United Nations, Science Ambassador Fellow at the CDC, as well as a patented co-inventor of the world's first infectious disease app, and have been nominated for the CNN Heroes Award by Harvard University. I am the creator and president of The Inspire Project. I am a¬†collaborative partner with Havard University, Massachusettes Institute of Technology, the Discovery and Science Channel, as well as multiple schools and individuals in eleven countries.¬†