Teaching Team-based Learning with Mature Adults in the Online Classroom

Working in collaborative teams is an integral part of the corporate environment, but most college students are not afforded ample opportunities to hone the skills of working in teams. Because learning teams are part of the teaching model at the University of Phoenix, upper-class students have continuous team-based learning experiences across the curriculum throughout their academic journey. Working in teams of four or five, students have a virtual workspace, create team charters, set goals, and meet those goals within a limited timeframe. After explaining how students function in virtual teams, the presenter will divide the audience into teams of four so that they can develop a team charter, set a goal, and experience how UOP students are trained to function in a leaderless, collaborative team. Throughout the workshop, participants will be engaged in online surveys with results broadcast in real time. The presentation shared activities, and online surveys will provide active audience participation.

Adult Learning, Online Environment, Team-based Learning, Collaborative Learning Teams

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Workshop Presentation

  • Dr. Denese Wolff
    • Associate Faculty, College of Humanities and Sciences, University of Phoenix , United States TX, United States
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