Making a Social Difference through Academic Research, Clinical Practice, and Community Expertise

This Reading & Language Arts research project is an ongoing effort to improve the preparation of all candidates in Early Childhood Education (ECEC). University faculty, utilizing a Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) format, extended their engagement in instruction, supervision of candidates, and collaboration with cooperating teachers and P-12 administration. All stakeholders met on a weekly basis for rigorous critique and reflection of mutually beneficial goals and objectives, candidate progress, and student learning outcomes. It is anticipated that the outcomes from this research will guide the field towards hard choices for engaging community and advancing the development of pre-service candidates and professional educators. This research was a powerful effort to explore designing and implementing learning experiences that support candidate professional practices in authentic field experiences, provide specialized instruction to increase student outcomes, and reform traditional curriculum and pedagogy practices in education preparation programs.


Pedagogy and Curriculum

Focused Discussion

  • Valeisha Ellis
    • Assistant Professor, Education Department, Spelman College, United States United States