Pulling Apart the Page

Broadly, this paper explores the interaction between learners and the digital world and looks to better understand emerging and fast developing "digital literacy practices." Using eye tracking and screen capture software we have collected data that records moments of interactivity and hyperlink activity. Through multimodal transcription grids, gaze analysis and a micro-analysis of other modes young people engage with, along with tracking the interactivity of websites, we have found it possible to illustrate some of the complexities of different genres introduced in classroom textual practices. Furthermore, a micro-analysis has enabled texts to be described and through systematic qualitative analysis reveal the complexity and dimensions of the modes and interactivity young people have used in their searching, scrolling and flicking to find, synthesise and transform information needed to respond to classroom tasks. As practitioners, we are keen to bring digital media into the classroom and by creating multimodal transcriptions and carrying out multi-layered analysis, we offer some understanding of the engagement of learners with digital media. This rich picture of learner’s online habits and interactivity may then inform the development of rules to optimise the learning interface allowing convergence with the practices learners encounter in their use of digital media outside the classroom.

Eye Tracking, Multimodal, Transcription Grids, Gaze Analysis

Literacies Learning

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session