Teaching in Higher Education

Providing good teaching for students is the pursuit of each school and teacher. What is good teaching in university? Many scholars favored to seek answers from students’ lens. However, the understanding of good teaching may different in different teaching cultures. This study aimed to investigate Macau university students’ perceptions of major dimensions of good teaching. Data were collected from 367 university students through an online survey designed by Alhija (2017) to measure students’ conceptions regarding five teaching dimensions: goals to be achieved, long-term student development, teaching methods, relations with students, and assessment. Results find that students perceived teaching methods as the most important and long-term student development as the least important among the five dimensions, which has some differences from Alhiha’s study with Israeli students. Explanations and implications for the evaluation of teaching are discussed in this study.

Higher Education, Good Teaching, Student’s Perspectives

Learning in Higher Education

Virtual Lightning Talk

  • Chunrong Sun
    • Assistant Professor, School of Education, University of Saint Joseph, China China
    • I came from Yunnan province in Mainaldn China, and I am working as an Assistant Professor in University of Saint Joseph in Macau now.