Learning to Make a Difference in Higher Education Culture

Kuh (2008) articulated ten research-based practices that transformed university-wide learning cultures from traditional instructional delivery models to highly empowering student-owned learning systems. Participants will learn about one large public-operated university's efforts to bring these practices into the lives of its students, faculty, and staff. The university's efforts to refine, build culture, incorporate change, adapt, and support these principles will be shared. Educational experiences such as setting student performance expectations, encouraging personal investments, building collegiality between groups, promoting meaningful interactions, fostering diverse community-based learning, and, incorporating other high-impact practices will be highlighted. The presenter will share a university-wide framework incorporating the most current efforts, across campus, to build consensus and sense of institutional mission.

Impact, Reform, Engagement, Mentoring, Collegiality, Transformation

2019 Special Focus: "Learning to Make a Social Difference"

Focused Discussion

  • Dr. Michael Cena
    • Director of Integrated Studies/Professor, Teacher Education, Weber State University, United States Utah, United States