Boot Camp

The research is framed in the context of an university level education that seeks to integrate teaching and learning practices directed towards the development of both, professional skills (hard skills) and generic or transversal skills (soft skills). In this context arises, the proposal of the boot camp, which promotes a total immersion experience that aims to meet a real need of society, through interdisciplinary learning and entrepreneurship that results in the development of innovative projects relevant to the context of the student. The main objective of this research is to display the experience that university students have had when participating in a boot camp and how it has contributed to their professional development. A qualitative methodology was used whilst focusing on the description, understanding and interpretation of the meanings that students gave to their personal experience. Among the most representative findings, we can highlight the development of skills for personal life, work environments and social interactions, such as teamwork, decision-making, tolerance to frustration and work under pressure. Additionally they emphasized the value of interdisciplinary work, which allowed them to reaffirm their professional identity. However, the students also reported that they faced certain challenges such as stress management and reintegration to their regular activities.

Learning Experience, Boot Camp, Soft Skills, Higher Education

Learning in Higher Education

Paper Presentation in a Themed Session

  • Sara Galban
    • Researcher, Escuela de Pedagogía, Universidad Panamericana, Mexico Mexico
  • Claudia Fabiola Ortega Barba
    • Profesora-investigadora, Universidad Panamericana
    • Dra. Claudia Fabiola Ortega BarbaUniversidad PanamericanaProfesora-investigadora Pertenece al grupo de investigación: Educación, instituciones e innovación
  • Monica del Carmen Meza Mejia
    • Profesora-investigadora, Pedagogía, Universidad Panamericana
    • Dra. Mónica del Carmen Meza MejíaUniversidad PanamericanaProfesora-investigadora SNI-1, Pertenece al grupo de investigación: Educación, instituciones e innovación